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Afford.Capital and DeVote announce partnership

17 May 2023

Strategic partnership with Afford.Capital will enable Devote to accelerate its growth trajectory by leveraging the
ecosystem's extensive network, investment opportunities, expert guidance and robust
support for traction.

For distribution May 17 2023 9:00 AM EST 

DeVote DAO and Afford Capital Team Up to Advance Cutting-Edge Election Technology, Ensuring Indisputable Results.

Dubai, UAE, May 17th, 2023 DeVote, an innovative startup developing blockchain-based remote voting technology, has passed the 220-parameter assessment – a comprehensive evaluation that measures a range of factors including technological innovation, financial stability, market potential, team strength, and scalability, ensuring startups are poised for long-term success – and been accepted into Afford.Capital, a venture capital fund and ecosystem.

Afford.Capital is known for its commitment to generating profitable ventures for investors. In 2022, Afford.Capital raised and invested $8.5 million in startups across blockchain/DeFi/Metaverse/Web3 and other sectors.

"Coming from our humble beginnings as a crowd-sourced rebuttal to MIT, an experiment of sorts, we are incredibly excited to join forces with Afford.Capital," said Eugene Morozov, CPA, MS. and CEO of Devote. "This really shows how far we’ve come so far. Their track record of success, coupled with their comprehensive support system, will undoubtedly fuel our progress and enable us to achieve our vision more effectively. Investment means expanding the team, advancing our roadmap, and achieving our goals faster than we could have originally hoped!"

To further support the growth of startups within its ecosystem, Afford operates the venture studio Afford.Labs. By being actively involved in the day-to-day operations of promising ventures, from financial management to marketing strategies, Afford.Labs significantly increases the likelihood of long-term success. According to industry research, startups supported by such intensive involvement are 32% more likely to thrive.

“We are thrilled to help DeVote raise capital and connect them to our wide network of partner funds," said Ilya Klinkin, COO at Aff. "DeVote's innovative solutions and entrepreneurial spirit align perfectly with our vision, and we are confident that our ecosystem will provide them with the resources and expertise they need to grow."

About DeVote (

At present, most remote voting and election systems and processes are plagued with fear, uncertainty and doubt. On a grander scale, social media and the evolution of P2P communications has caused a sense of distrust in officials and previously trusted sources. 

DeVote is a universal solution for making elections indisputable with the most advanced blockchain protocols to date. The tech stack used ensures notas only highly secure trustless processes, and transparency of results, but their mind-blowing web-technology utilizes a, cryptographically protected ZKP (Zero Knowledge Proof) solution, shielding voter identity. 

With public and private blockchain implementations, and localizable nodes (designed for both commercial and political campaigns), DeVote solves nearly all major issues facing current remote election and governance solutions on the market today.

About Afford.Capital (

The Afford.Capital is an ecosystem dedicated to bringing the technological future closer. Through its venture studio, venture capital fund, and rigorous startup selection process, Afford identifies, nurtures and supports early-stage high-tech startups, driving their success in the global market.

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