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Cutting edge voting technologies

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On-chain voting system.
Truly anonymous and transparent.
Scalable and cost effective

The App

Reinventing Voting

Explore zero knowledge in practice 

DeVote integrates a number of revolutionary technologies to offer an unparalleled voting solution. Enjoy intuitive UX and cryptographic precision and security.

DeVote introduces trendsetting technology that combines low cost per voter with best standards of blockchain: transparency, scalabilty and decentralisation.

DeVote meets strictest standards of auditability and immutability of results.


Key Features

Technology that brings Trust and Performance

High Speed

and Scalability

DeVote utilises most advanced cryptography, combined with record setting blockchain contracting. DeVote is by design a multi-chain solution that can offer solution that fits voting Admin in the best way possible. DeVote protocol demonstrates high throughput and impeccable performance even with millions of voters.



DeVote's protocol by definition provides true anonymity. No risks of disclosing of personal voting on Admin's side, - just because Admin can not get those results under any scenario. Get verified and vote without any risks of disclosure. 

Airtight Security &
Unprecedented Auditability

DeVote assumes all procedures that not only enable voting but also the Pre- and Post- campaign audits. DeVote is open for any internal and external audits - because we use highly secure procedures and regard as the utmost value trust in our system. 

How It Works

How the App Works


If you are an Admin

  • Choose voters' verification and authorisation options

  • Create campaign filling a simple form

  • Upload data on candidates

  • Pay per voter fee

  • Publish your campaign

You are done! Enjoy the campaign that works out of the box!

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If you are a Voter

  • Register in the app and verify your mobile

  • Subscribe to a campaign

  • Follow campaign guidelines: register, deploy contract and vote

Verify the results when they are announced! And yes, it is free for you - no payments, no crypto wallets!


Our Mission

Led by the belief that
voting results have to be Trusted

DeVote is powerful and universal solution for a variety of voting procedures. DeVote ensures transparency and true anonymity whether it is Federal or Country Club elections. In any use case DeVote offers unbeatable pricing for cutting edge technology.

DeVote makes all votings Trusted and Indisputable.


DeVote is officiial partner of Government Blockchain Association (GBA, and active participant of its Voting Working Group.

DeVOTE is official member and speaker at the United Nations Internet Governance Forum.

5 Mar 2024

EPAM Blockchain Community Presentation on Decentralised and Anonymous Governance by DeVOTE and GOSH

1 Dec 2023

DeVOTE demo 2023 by Ben Sunderland

Updated demo of elections on DeVOTE

4 Jan 2024

DeVOTE Future Ad In Spanish Dec 2023

DeVOTE Future video in Spanish with Spanish subtitles

5 Dec 2023

DeVOTE Future Ad Dec 2023


26 Oct 2023

AMA Session by DeVOTE organised by Afford.Capital

DeVOTE progress discussed with investors

12 Oct 2023

UN IGF Kyoto 2023 Speech by DeVOTE

One of IGF presentations by DeVOTE

11 Oct 2023

DeVOTE Presents at UN IGF in Kyoto, Japan on Oct 8-12 2023

DeVOTE as use-case in technology supporting basic human rights presents at United Nations Internet Governance Forum

28 Sept 2023

DeVOTE presents at GBA Blockchain and Infrastructure: The Rise of AI Conference

DeVOTE participates in two Panels at Conference in Washington DC

13 Jul 2023

DeVOTE DEMO in Spanish

DeVOTE DEMo video translated to Spanish

16 Jun 2023

DeVOTE successfully submits full proposal to NSF Seed Fund

DeVOTE submits proposal to National Science Foundation's Seed Fund via

24 May 2023

DeVOTE delivers keynote speech at GBA Conference in Washington, DC

DeVOTE presentation on Decentralized Governance

17 May 2023

Afford.Capital and DeVote announce partnership

Strategic partnership with Afford.Capital will enable Devote to accelerate its growth trajectory by leveraging the
ecosystem's extensive network, investment opportunities, expert guidance and robust
support for traction.

In Media

DeVote in Quotes

“Blockchain brings a level of security and trust that cannot be achieved through other means.”

Susan Eustis
Vote counting machine inventor

“I'm pleased to see this very robust ongoing development of new generation of voting systems - blockchain-based - and DeVote in particular, with its very strong underlying protocol.”

Gerard Dache

Executive Director, Government Blockchain Association

“With DeVote, we can verify the vote in a truly trustless process. It's the next stage in the evolution of voting technology.”

Amelia Powers Gardner
Utah County Commissioner

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